Playing video games is very popular and in trend nowadays for which people lookout things like is madden 22 cross platform. Well the above game is not cross platform but here is a list of top ten cross platform games that you can play from PS, Xbox and PC easily. 

1.    Call of Duty Warzone

This is something that you are not going to get surprise with when it comes play cross platform games. Call of duty Warzone is compatible with all platforms from PlayStation, Xbox to PC. You do not have to think twice before playing this game with your friends. This is one of the most popular cross platform game available in the market for players.

2.    Back 4 Blood

If you are looking for a perfect game that you can play with friends and family on weekend then Back 4 Blood is relevant suggestion for you. This is a game which is not going to bother about gaming console of platform type. PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC and any other device it is cross platform for all of them. More the game is also quite interesting for video game lovers owing to its complex levels.

3.    Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that has been the talk of the town since a long while now. This is a game which you can play cross platform for Xbox and it’s all series, PlayStation with all the updated versions from PS3 to PS5, PC and any other device for that matter. This is very popular game for different age groups and people relish it in their time of leisure.

4.    Rocket League

Next game that you can play in the cross platform action is Rocket league. It is a very popular game that people were waiting for a long while. By keeping the interest of people in mind developers have managed to keep its cross platform feature to ease down the challenges of players. You can play it on Xbox, PS and PC without any tinge or suspicion.

5.    Apex legend

If you want to play a game that can challenge you ever bit of you then Apex Legend is the best choice you can made ever. This is a game meant for group players that you can choose to play solo and in group also. The game is cross platform and people can access it from any platform to play in a group of players. Have access to Apex Legend from PC, Xbox and PlayStation as well. 

6.    Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 undoubtly is making big news in the heart of players when they find it is cross platform game. Most of us do not want to play games that are not cross platform owing to the several reasons like not having similar platforms. But you need not to worry about it when playing this game it is compatible with all Xbox, PC and PS, PS1 to PS5. 

7.    Among US

Among us is a game that is also popular on social media as its name resembles to that of the 25th Island of Greece. This is a horrifying game and you can play this game cross platform too. No matter whether you have PS, Xbox or PC just play it within a group without worrying about the platform or gaming console types that you are using.

8.    Dead by Daylight

People who are crazy about playing video games with their friends and family can very well choose to dead by daylight game. This is again a cross platform game that allows players to have access to it from any platform even if playing as a team.

9.    Splitgate 

Another big name in the category of cross platform games is Splitgate. This is a game that you do not have to think much about when playing in a team. Xbox, PS, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5 and even PC all platforms are compatible to each other in this game.

10.    Pokémon Unite 

The last but not the least game that you can play cross platform is Pokémon Unite. This is one of the famous and popular game that is huge in demand recently. The game can be played cross platform by the players. Xbox and its different versions, PlayStation and its versions and PC all platforms are relevant to play this game as cross platform.

So these are the best games that you can choose to play cross platform. There are people who always worry about buying similar gaming console which is useless when you have such popular cross platform games to play.