Norfolk Island is no doubt an incredible place to spend time with friends and family or even to be alone and you are looking for privacy, then this is your most suitable option. However, not all who visit Australia know about this gorgeous location, so let's look at some interesting facts about the place.

Norfolk Island is a perfect holiday destination because it's the perfect blend of culture, history and heritage, beauty and scenic beauty. There are many fascinating facts about the island which will make you want to go more than once. Before you go, it is important to be aware of the places you must visit, what activities you must do and what are the best spots to stay in close proximity to Norfolk Island and why one should go to the Island. These are some of the interesting information one should know prior to visiting the 25th island of Greece:

The most famous facts regarding Norfolk:

Let's talk about what the most notable things concerning Norfolk are. When we think of Norfolk what first immediately comes to your mind is pine. Its image on the Norfolk flag is obvious enough. There are two kinds of pine trees in Norfolk and it's also an one of the major exports in Norfolk Island.

The area has been described as a"heave on Earth" by many travelers. It is not a doubt among the top gorgeous spots in Australia. The location and the manner in which it is located make it different from other locations.

Norfolk Island is also famous for its many cultures and history. Norfolk Island is also home to a food production which allows visitors to sample different cuisines and cultures that offers a totally distinct and memorable experience.

The fascinating story behind HTML0:

We are all aware of how an interesting stories about a particular place can attract our attention to an area, but especially with intriguing histories like Norfolk's tourists are drawn to its history and culture more.

From the British colonial times to the stories of criminal suspense or eventually becoming a controlled place with its own regulations Norfolk has a long and rich history and the local history of people telling stories of mystery, it adds an exciting new flavour to your journey.


If we are talking about a the unique experience Norfolk is the location to go. It is an integral part of Australia however in the same way, it's extremely diverse which makes it a distinct feature.

Other important aspects including the language spoken by Norfolk. Since it is established that it is part of Australia however, Norfolk is a distinct language. A different language can add value to Norfolk's uniqueness.

Did you not know? Norfolk is a state with its own law and traffic regulations. It will surprise you to learn that there aren't any traffic signals in Norfolk but don't worry you won't have an issue in the event that you rent a vehicle or seek a local's assistance.

Facts of Nature:

When we think of an Island the first thought we think of is an ocean that is large with beautiful beaches and lush green trees, and the cool and incredibly relaxing breeze. And sunrises and sunsets on the beach are among the most gorgeous things to witness on earth. Norfolk Island is everything what we have discussed, and more.

If you're looking to explore a location that has natural beauty and more, then Norfolk Island is the place you must be. For a more enjoyable and hassle-free, find the most convenient locations to stay close to Norfolk Island and also Norfolk Island offers for holidays to ensure you get the most benefit from your visit and travel.